About this place

So I don't know how you came across this website. Whether you're an ip crawler, A really nostalgic Robert McCool reminissing about the old days, someone who thinks viewing the 4th page of google is not a mental disorder, Carlos, or someone from patch, I dont really care.

So a couple things about this site. First off, theres not much here. No fun scripts, well there is one but you have to find it. Its really more of an educational project than anything else. I decided to start this project using a small server box and a metric fuckton (more like 322.8MB) of PDFs and stack overflow guides to build the framework. Following the initial startup, which was done almost solely via nano on my phone. Following that a couple things happened: My 930 am class was cancelled I had actually brought headphones And on the way out the door I had remembered to configure both ssh and http forwards to my server. So I got to writing scripts and pages. Given the appearence of this page, its a pretty safe bet that I know next to nothing about html. I mean this whole page is a couple <p> tags and a style sheet. I didnt even provide links to other places.(see below) I hope you enjoy my little project and have a fun time figuring out what all you can do here.

Eventually the API will be available for authorized users. I'm also going to keep documentation of my bots stored here.

How to get the most out of this site

To navigate, try adding /path_to_area to the end of the URL. If you're lucky, or just have the same sense of humor as me. You might find some interesting things.